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Making Staycations Count


It is not all the time that you can go on a weekend getaway. But that does not mean you cannot have the best vacation on weekends if you want to. A vacation at home or staycation is a great opportunity to make the most of your break from your busy schedule. You can maximize your staycation by focusing on relaxation and doing pleasant activities that you rarely have the time to do. Here are some ways to make the most of your staycation and enjoy a break from routines.

1. Treat your staycation as you would any other vacations you have. Create a staycation mindset and stick to it. Avoid working or dwelling on the myriad of concerns you deal with on a daily basis. Share your plans to take a staycation with your loved ones and peers. Ask not to be disturbed unless it involves an emergency.

2. Do something different. Think and act as if you are on a vacation in one of your dream destinations. Chances are you would not be doing the same things you usually do on weekends when you are traveling. Explore unfamiliar paths or trails when you go for a walk or a run, treat yourself to dinner in a restaurant you have not visited before, or just simply change some of your routines during your staycation.

3. Explore like a tourist. Go for a walk, drive around, or visit places you have not seen for a long time. Look at the things around as a tourist would.

4. Plan a meditation retreat. You can plan a half- or one day meditation retreat on your weekend staycation. Create a quiet space that mimics the ambiance of a tranquil meditation getaway. Spending time on meditation is a great way to soothe and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

5. Indulge in some self-pampering. Visit a salon for a hair treatment or pedicure, get a massage, enjoy some time in the spa, book a room in a resort or lodge near your area, or simply soak in a long, scented bath at home. Enjoy your staycation by indulging in pleasant or luxurious pursuits you rarely have the time to splurge on.

6. Pick up a new skill. Life could get so busy sometimes that you barely have the time to upgrade your skills or learn something new. You can use your weekend staycation to pursue self-improvement activities for personal or professional growth. Visit a local library to read books and other materials on topics that interest you. Sign up for a cooking class you have always wanted to do. The possibilities are endless when it comes to soaking up new knowledge and skills if you want to explore that path.

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A Unique Food Adventure with Flux-Cored Arc Welding

A Unique Food Adventure with Flux-Cored Arc Welding

carbon-steel-dining-table-and-chairsTake a different kind adventure related to food with FCAW! You can either build your own carbon steel table or a solid metal cabinet where you can store your hidden snacks! Now you can eat more often with a table that won’t be difficult to clean and a cabinet that’s heavy-duty!

Here are the reasons why you need to apply this welding technique:

Advantages of FCAW


  1. You won’t have to stop to change rods (unlike in shielded metal arc welding or SMAW). This also means you’ll even get longer beads with fewer restarts, more production, and high weld deposit. You could also avoid any defect caused by restarting.
  2. It can be used with/without shielding gas. Carbon dioxide is affordable if in case you decide to use shielding gas. You could also use 75/25. The flux, which contains oxidizers, lessen the time needed for you to clean the metal before making a weld. Plus, post-weld cleanup would be a piece of cake when you used this method because the slag chips off so quickly.
  3. The wire stick-out with FCAW is also longer (around an inch) than with gas metal arc welding or GMAW. This allows you to see and control the puddle better.
  4. The flux produces the shielding gas, which means it doesn’t encounter welding problems that could happen when MIG welding outside where a strong wind could blow the shielding gas away. This means with FCAW; you can weld outside!
  5. The flux in the electrode enables the welding process to be more forgiving of the base metal when it’s a bit dirty, rusty or contaminated.

Be safe!


Before applying this technique and using your Forney Easy Weld 299to build your own table, make sure you do the following:

  1. Cover your eyes with safety glasses to shield them from the hazardous light. You should know that the electricity needed for arc welding is not only very hot but also creates dangerous UV light which can damage your eyes when you directly look at it. Better yet, wear a welding mask to protect your entire face!
  2. Wear welding gloves to keep your hands protected from sparks.
  3. Wear a leather welding jacket, a pair of long pants, and a pair of close-toed shoes. FCAW is widely known to generate lots of sparks which can burn unprotected areas of your body in an instant. You’ll need to cover up!
  4. Keep flammable materials away to prevent sparks from starting a fire.
  5. Ensure that a first-aid kit is easily accessible in case of mishaps.
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Take Your Travel Adventures to the Next Level with a Kerosene Heater

Take Your Travel Adventures to the Next Level with a Kerosene Heater

Kerosene heaters don’t require electricity to operate, making them ideal to be used anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. All you have to do is make sure there’s sufficient ventilation in the area and that you’re following the safety guidelines in using one.

Below are the benefits of taking one with you during your independent trips. After reading the advantages, make sure you read the reviews of the top kerosene heaters before purchasing one.

You can keep yourself warm even without electricity.

kerosene-heater-portableAs mentioned in the introduction, this type of heater needs no power to operate. This means if ever you arrive in a place where the weather is cold, even if you lack the proper outfit to keep yourself warm, your heater can save you from being frozen. This heater may not be offered in a small unit, but taking a medium-sized heater with you is much better because who knows? You might get to know someone along the way who needs the warmth of your presence. I mean, your heater.

You can get better sleep.

No one can sleep soundly in a freezing environment. If you’re going camping, a kerosene heater would be perfect for you. It’ll keep you warm while you sleep because sleeping under seven piles of a blanket isn’t comfortable at all. Besides, you might not be able to bring many blankets because that’s just inconvenient for a traveler. With a heater, you can be cozy all throughout your slumber.

You can relax anytime.

A warm environment is a place that’s cozy and relaxing. With your tent or van plus your kerosene heater, you can ease off, slow down, and de-stress. You can switch it on anytime, and you won’t have to worry about plugging it, thereby eliminating the hunting game for a power outlet.

You can return to a cozy place.

After a long hike, a day of skiing, or bike riding, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll be coming home to a place where coziness rules. Because of this, you can be inspired to finish whatever outdoor activity you’re doing. You’ll be looking forward to the end of the day because you know you can relax and take the proper rest you deserve. And it’s all because of the useful heater you brought along with you.

You can travel with fewer limitations.


With a heater, you no longer have to cross out the ski resorts and the cold regions you wish to visit! You can now take a trip to colder places because you have a portable heater that can keep you warm wherever you go. Cheers to more travels!

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Say Goodbye to the Default CS:GO Crosshair

Say Goodbye to the Default CS:GO Crosshair


Depending on the player’s preference, a crosshair could be small or bulky. Others choose to depend on a tiny dot, while some want a bright-colored reticle with a large crosshair gap distance. Whatever your taste is, there’s no doubt that a crosshair is crucial in the game. This is why it’s best to go beyond the default, customize, and use the best one for your shooting style.

Goodbye, Default Crosshair!


Still using the default CS:GO reticle? Don’t be left behind and change it! Dynamic crosshairs introduced in CS:GO are challenging for newbies because their size alters depending on the stance, movement, and shooting. It might be useful for professional players, but it’s confusing for neophyte players. They also take up a large part of the screen and are too animated. Some experienced players even find them distracting as they shrink and grow throughout the game.

The Best Alternative

So what should you do now? Rely on a crosshair generator! Here’s a fully working CS GO crosshair generator that works in 2018. This generator is easier to use than the others out there.

This tool allows you to obtain a crosshair of your own that will help you level up your gameplay. Although some crosshairs are more popular than others such as the 1.6 which is used by numerous players, it’s essential for you to know that no one crosshair stands out among the rest. That’s because the best crosshair is in the eye of the beholder—it depends on the technique and preference of the one playing. A reticle that’s effective for another player might be difficult for you to use, which means you’ll have to find a crosshair that’s perfect for your style.

Friendly Reminder


Before buying, try the reticle first. Check whether you could get used to it and if it could help you zero in better than before. It’s also recommended for you to try different styles. You’ll never know unless you try. Maybe all you needed was a single dot, but you’ve been working twice as hard at focusing with a thick crosshair which you believed was better. Don’t forget to check out the size of the gap between lines, the thickness of the crosshair, and the color of the dot. Remember that you should be comfortable when using it. Comfort is your number one priority. When trying and after buying a new reticle, however, remember that you might miss shots. That’s normal since you’re not used to the type of crosshair yet. It might take a while for you to get the hang of it, but don’t you worry, my friend, you’ll get there.