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Say Goodbye to the Default CS:GO Crosshair

Say Goodbye to the Default CS:GO Crosshair


Depending on the player’s preference, a crosshair could be small or bulky. Others choose to depend on a tiny dot, while some want a bright-colored reticle with a large crosshair gap distance. Whatever your taste is, there’s no doubt that a crosshair is crucial in the game. This is why it’s best to go beyond the default, customize, and use the best one for your shooting style.

Goodbye, Default Crosshair!


Still using the default CS:GO reticle? Don’t be left behind and change it! Dynamic crosshairs introduced in CS:GO are challenging for newbies because their size alters depending on the stance, movement, and shooting. It might be useful for professional players, but it’s confusing for neophyte players. They also take up a large part of the screen and are too animated. Some experienced players even find them distracting as they shrink and grow throughout the game.

The Best Alternative

So what should you do now? Rely on a crosshair generator! Here’s a fully working CS GO crosshair generator that works in 2018. This generator is easier to use than the others out there.

This tool allows you to obtain a crosshair of your own that will help you level up your gameplay. Although some crosshairs are more popular than others such as the 1.6 which is used by numerous players, it’s essential for you to know that no one crosshair stands out among the rest. That’s because the best crosshair is in the eye of the beholder—it depends on the technique and preference of the one playing. A reticle that’s effective for another player might be difficult for you to use, which means you’ll have to find a crosshair that’s perfect for your style.

Friendly Reminder


Before buying, try the reticle first. Check whether you could get used to it and if it could help you zero in better than before. It’s also recommended for you to try different styles. You’ll never know unless you try. Maybe all you needed was a single dot, but you’ve been working twice as hard at focusing with a thick crosshair which you believed was better. Don’t forget to check out the size of the gap between lines, the thickness of the crosshair, and the color of the dot. Remember that you should be comfortable when using it. Comfort is your number one priority. When trying and after buying a new reticle, however, remember that you might miss shots. That’s normal since you’re not used to the type of crosshair yet. It might take a while for you to get the hang of it, but don’t you worry, my friend, you’ll get there.