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Making Staycations Count


It is not all the time that you can go on a weekend getaway. But that does not mean you cannot have the best vacation on weekends if you want to. A vacation at home or staycation is a great opportunity to make the most of your break from your busy schedule. You can maximize your staycation by focusing on relaxation and doing pleasant activities that you rarely have the time to do. Here are some ways to make the most of your staycation and enjoy a break from routines.

1. Treat your staycation as you would any other vacations you have. Create a staycation mindset and stick to it. Avoid working or dwelling on the myriad of concerns you deal with on a daily basis. Share your plans to take a staycation with your loved ones and peers. Ask not to be disturbed unless it involves an emergency.

2. Do something different. Think and act as if you are on a vacation in one of your dream destinations. Chances are you would not be doing the same things you usually do on weekends when you are traveling. Explore unfamiliar paths or trails when you go for a walk or a run, treat yourself to dinner in a restaurant you have not visited before, or just simply change some of your routines during your staycation.

3. Explore like a tourist. Go for a walk, drive around, or visit places you have not seen for a long time. Look at the things around as a tourist would.

4. Plan a meditation retreat. You can plan a half- or one day meditation retreat on your weekend staycation. Create a quiet space that mimics the ambiance of a tranquil meditation getaway. Spending time on meditation is a great way to soothe and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

5. Indulge in some self-pampering. Visit a salon for a hair treatment or pedicure, get a massage, enjoy some time in the spa, book a room in a resort or lodge near your area, or simply soak in a long, scented bath at home. Enjoy your staycation by indulging in pleasant or luxurious pursuits you rarely have the time to splurge on.

6. Pick up a new skill. Life could get so busy sometimes that you barely have the time to upgrade your skills or learn something new. You can use your weekend staycation to pursue self-improvement activities for personal or professional growth. Visit a local library to read books and other materials on topics that interest you. Sign up for a cooking class you have always wanted to do. The possibilities are endless when it comes to soaking up new knowledge and skills if you want to explore that path.